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Professors Rob Cross and Laurence Prusak found that “central connectors,” the most well-connected people within a social network, act as information hubs for that network.

In an earlier article, I argued that social media influencers play the central connector role by amplifying messages across the social network. Their privileged social position and the network’s algorithms reinforce each other, ensuring their messages live longer and reach more people than non-influencers.

If you find yourself disillusioned at not being a central connector and are wondering how you’ll ever build momentum on a social network without being a central connector, you’ll want to…

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I wrote an article in January 2021 that has been by far my best-performing article ever. That single piece made me slightly under $2,000 by June 2021.

The title of that article is “4 Unusual Side Hustles I Do to Earn an Extra $1,500 a Month”. I’ll be referring to it as 4USH from now on.

What blows my mind is 4USH took me less time to write than any other essay I’ve ever published.

I’m not the world’s fastest writer. On average, it takes me roughly 5 hours to draft and polish something for publication. …

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I last had a full-time job in 2008. Since then, I’ve worked from home as a freelance writer.

I didn’t have a grand plan before jumping into the freelance life. Leaving full-time employment was more of an act of desperation for me.

I felt temperamentally unsuited to 9-to-5 work in an office, so I left after I could no longer bear it.

When I left full-time employment, all I had was a Masters's degree with finance and a friend’s recommendation to try writing market research reports. With these bare resources, I stepped out with both feet into the freelancing world.

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I’ve seen too many content creators on Facebook asking questions like, “How do I make my content go viral?

This question assumes that the content creator is solely responsible for crafting content so that it becomes viral.

When this doesn’t happen, the content creator becomes frustrated that they “aren’t getting it” and either quit or invests hundreds or thousands of dollars in courses in a futile effort to find that elusive “viral formula.”

The serious flaw in this assumption is that it completely disregards external factors’ role in determining whether or not content can go viral.

I discovered three crucial…

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Freelancing sometimes feels like cycling between feast and famine. Although I have enough clients to bill regularly to keep the lights on, I still appreciate having side hustles around as an additional income source for savings and investments.

I believe in a simple mantra to build wealth.

Earn more than you spend, invest the savings.

I’m a full-time writer. I’ve been extremely fortunate in the past few years to have enough work to pay the bills. So, I keep my spending low and limited to my primary source of income.

My side hustle income goes entirely to savings.

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Some of my old friends recently announced on LinkedIn that they would be joining the Great Resignation.

A few contacted me for advice because they knew I’d left the corporate workforce almost 15 years ago. They wanted to know how I’d managed to keep going all this time.

They were astounded when I told them that exiting the corporate rat race was the best career decision I’d ever made.

It feels strange to be the centre of attention for a change. Some of them seemed to think I was a loser 15 years ago, so I still haven’t wrapped my…

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My dad retired from his business when he was 67 years old. He was diagnosed with cancer just before his 74th birthday and died before his 76th.

When the moment came, I was sad but not distressed. Between the time my dad closed his business and the time he died, we hadn’t really had much of a relationship.

When my dad retired, he began a protracted decline. Traditional retirement had already killed off his personality and intellect by the time he got cancer. All he needed was for cancer to kill his physical body as well.

In this article, I’ll…

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I write about personal finance from a position of extreme privilege.

I have a master’s degree in finance, have worked in the financial services industry, and have attempted (but failed) to start a private investment business. As a result, I’ve made connections with people who have had more investing success than me, some of whom remain very successful in this field.

This background has given me a lot of the technical knowledge needed to think and write about investing. But my experience means I lack the perspective of what it means to invest for people who aren’t like me, i.e…

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Crypto is red hot right now. It’s so hot, you’ll find some of Medium’s biggest stars are pushing out articles that are really thinly-veiled advertorials for various crypto, blockchain, or NFT projects.

And with all the crypto hype in the media, you might be kicking yourself for not getting involved in buying Bitcoin, Ether, Cardano, playing Axie Infinity or creating a BitClout profile.

Since the market’s red hot, you figure you should spend your time figuring out how you can “invest” in the market in the hopes you’ll get some of the obscene returns that some people are touting.


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All financial planning is based on a single principle.

Spend less than you earn and invest the savings.

In this context, financial planning involves condensing all your earnings, spending, and investing estimates into a single plan to ensure that you meet all your future living needs.

A number of assumptions are baked into this financial plan, including the important life events you’ll need to save up for, your anticipated living costs, the costs of the things you want to buy in your life, and so on.

Although it sounds daunting enough to come up with a comprehensive financial plan, the…

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