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1. Personal Finance

Earn more than you spend, invest the savings

No cliches like dropshipping or blogging, I promise

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Earn more than you spend, invest the savings.

Look beyond the 4% and the 25x rules of retirement planning

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Estimate how much you need to spend in your first year after retirement. Multiply that number by 25.

These are the four highest impact commitments you can make in 2021 to turnaround your finances in 2022

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Savings = Earnings — Expenses

And why solopreneurship has improved my mental health

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In this deep dive, I show how you should pivot along with Medium’s business model

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Never give in to the FOMO

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Truly passive income is harder to get than you think

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A Passive Income Obsession Could Lead to Risky Behaviour

Simple math shows you’re better off passively investing

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