A deep dive into the factors that contributed to my best-performing piece

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This is my no-BS step-by-step guide

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And what you can do about it

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Personal finance, freelancing, and other bits and bobs

1. Personal Finance
1.1 Earnings
1.2 Spending
1.3 Investing
1.4 Retirement
2. Freelancing
3. Public Policy
4. Others


1. Personal Finance

Earn more than you spend, invest the savings

No cliches like dropshipping or blogging, I promise

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Earn more than you spend, invest the savings.

Because investing in real estate isn’t the same as living in it

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I figured out my daily, weekly, and yearly rhythms

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You’ll learn things that are hard to pick up elsewhere

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How Yitiao captured hearts and wallets by mastering the soft-sell

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I blew up 3 startups. Here’s what you can learn from my mistakes.

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U-Ming Lee

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