Hey Adam, this is probably a question only you can answer.

Speaking as someone who's been on this rodeo a few times, I wouldn't feel comfortable at all swinging for the fences with one huge bet. I did that twice. it worked out the first time - a highly leveraged bet on a shipping company stock - but if I had held on to the position for another quarter or so, I would have been margin called. I ended up making life-changing money on that one, i.e. "buy a house" kind of money. The next time round, it was betting the farm on a lottery company. The company turned out to be a fraud, I lost 80% of my investment. That was a "lose a house" kind of money. The net effect is I ended up right back where I started.

One way you could do this is sell enough crypto to recover your initial investment, and maybe a little more so that you feel like you've earned "something", while letting the rest ride.

I do have investments in crypto now but I've only invested whatever I've made off Medium since I started writing, i.e. BTC 0.025.



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