Screwing Gen Z is the New Growth Business Model

How the Boomers, Gen X, and Millennials are conspiring to destroy Gen Z’s lives

Photo by Benjamin Lizardo on Unsplash.

The Boomers Lived Life on Easy Mode

My parents were born at the end of WW2 when the Silent Generation gave way to the boomers. Having been raised by boomer parents, I have some insight into what their early lives were like.

The Internet Was My Generation’s Great Hope

Looking back, the Golden Age for my generation was those short years when the Internet was still a wild, untamed space.

Unlike today, most of the Internet was free

The Internet was a lot less corporate than today. A lot of the Internet infrastructure was free to deploy by anybody with a stable Internet connection and sufficient computing power.

Google killed the early Internet

When Google launched its search engine in 1998, I felt it would change everything.

Gen X Was the Last Generation to Enjoy a Small Window of Prosperity

It feels like the point at which everything turned to shit was 2000. The NASDAQ peaked in March 2000. Shortly after, the dotcom bubble, which had seen a lot of Internet hippies turn into businesspeople, seduced by cheap and easy VC cash, the promise of a fast-track NASDAQ listing, and eye-popping valuations, burst cataclysmically.

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